Tianjin Port Delays

August 20, 2015 - As a result of the recent explosions at the Port of Tianjin, China, shipment movement has slowed.

Terminals, berths, and off-dock depots are operational, however, delays are occurring due to congestion, safety, checkpoints, and examinations by authorities. This is forcing vessel loading and unloading to take longer than usual, and keeping them at port past schedule.

Additional challenges include delayed inspections and releases caused by a damaged customs building, and weather concerns of air pollution and rain.

Containers located in storage yards prior to last week’s explosions are being transferred to off-port container yards to clear passage for shipment movement.

Trucking to and from the port increases daily as hazardous material clean-up continues. Authorities have banned hazardous materials from the port, however, non-dangerous goods, such as used household goods and personal effects (no vehicles), are being imported and exported.

Recovery to resume normal loading and unloading at Tianjin cargo terminals is being closely managed as authorities examine the blast site and address concerns about the burned toxic chemicals. Clean up and assessment of containers damaged at the port is progressing at a controlled rate as officials inspect the blast site.

Tianjin is a significant industrial port near Beijing, which moves a large amount of metals and steel.

Last week's explosions killed more than one hundred people with hundreds more injured, and devasted areas of the city. Officials are not clear on what triggered the blasts of hazardous and flammable chemicals and are still investigating.

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