AIReS’ customized ReloNet® Web Services site is the centralized information portal for all aspects of a transferee’s relocation program.  The site’s web-based infrastructure connects users to our IRIS database, which stores and maintains all aspects of each client's program in great detail. By logging in, transferees have the ability to view specific relocation information for ongoing tracking and communication with their designated AIReS counselor. AIReS also provides access to our proprietary Relocation Planner through the ReloNet® Web Services site. This planner serves as a ready reference for any aspect of the relocation, and contains a wealth of information to help prepare the transferee and their family for their upcoming move.

Transferee's can also track the status of various details of their household goods move, submit expense reimbursement forms, download important documents, or raise any questions or concerns about the continuing relocation process through the site.